Winter Afternoon in D.C.

Schools ought to be off every day of Chrismas, plus Epiphany. I, however, have no school, though Fairfax County Public Schools is up and running again.

Instead, I spent this afternoon roaming the Freer and Sackler Galleries, looking at southern Japanese ceramics from the Ming–Qing era (I give the Chinese dynasties because China’s the centre of the world), then Chinese paintings and other media depicting children, then leaves from Persian and Ottoman divination books.

From this trip I have a new wallpaper image for my phone. And of course it was, in some fashion, related to my St Albans Psalter work, but the Chinese cursive calligraphy was nice too.

The city was silent, but my eyes had seen interesting things. The still air made no reply to the colours of the Safavid books.


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