Samaritan Exegesis

I just realized that, in reading the parable of the Good Samaritan in a way that expressed gospel and not law only, I’d come to something that sounded suspiciously like St Augustine of Hippo’s infamous allegorical reading, despite not having heard that interpretation in two years. But it was despair in man’s ability to keep the law – that is, despair in the Pelagian ways of the flesh – that drove me to it, and I must have a reading that gives me more than a moral precept.

Maybe my reading’s exegetically sounder than Augustine’s, because I extrapolate less. Maybe. In any case, I need Christ as an actor in that parable, or he preaches only death to me therein.

Quddusun Allah, Quddusun Al-Qawi, Quddusun Al-Adhi, la yamut irhamna.

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