Positive Singing

‘Positive, encouraging K-LOVE!’ Well, let me tell you, I ain’t K-LOVE. Even if that makes me hard to deal with, it’s probably here to stay, because I tell people that optimism’s evil for propagating unrealistic views of the world that suppress the truth. Call me a realist, then.

Look at the Psalms and tell me they’re all positive and encouraging. Encouraging, perhaps, in showing us the experience we share with our fathers, but some of them are hardly positive. Psalm 137 inhabits the sorrow of losing a city, a homeland, and makes no pretence of things being ok: it doesn’t say, ‘Still shall I say that YHWH keeps nice sentiments about me.’ No, it laments full-bloodedly what has been lost.

When things are wrong, we can simply say so. When we see death, we don’t have to do this stupid ‘for the greater good’ method of sweeping things under the rug, even when we do trust that God works for good what men intend for evil. I hate ‘the greater good’. Forget cheap theodicies and cry out to God, and then come back and talk about God’s love and justice, because nice sentiments, even benevolent sentiments, don’t cut it. Ever. Whyever else did Christ have to become a man?

Besides, it’s Lent.


2 responses to “Positive Singing

  1. I like this post. But, having said that, I really hope you’re not slowly becoming an angry, cynical man.


    • Yeah, I hope I don’t really become a cynic. Besides, it’s so much more fun to be the Nile than to be an angry cynic.

      I think, though, that praying seriously should only put me in more of an I-can’t-be-God position, and God’s word gives us assurances when we have none else.


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