A New Heart

The empty tomb: the heart of the faith, not just its sine qua non. Too long have the Passion and the Resurrection been conflated in the sequence of time observed in the churches I’ve attended, and it leads to fast where we ought to know feast, mournful introspection where we ought to know rejoicing, even shame where we ought to know liberation through the cross. But Christ is bodily risen indeed, according to the Scriptures: Alleluia!

YHWH sits enthroned between the cherubim: hosanna in excelsis. By his word he will redeem the world, for his Kingdom will leaven through all the dough. And now we eat and drink him who was sacrificed for us upon that morn which we mourned, now in newness of life, now when Jesus has called Mary by name in the garden, now in anticipation of the ages’ consummation (of one to an end, of the other to fulness). A leavened loaf, and wine!

Tablets of stone are made hearts of flesh, a new heart and a new spirit. Eat heartily, and sing heartily, and laugh heartily, for the world is changed, and there is something new under the sun, and all flesh shall see it together. Alleluia! Christ is risen.


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