Consider the Lilies

We’re not called to let God into our lives: we’re called to leave Ur of the Chaldees and be aliens in a strange land. When we answer that call, God’s penetration of our story takes us into a new story, a story of a people God has elected to his own glory. Far more than simply having one more friend – though the Christ is indeed an immensely powerful friend – knowing God through faith embraces all of life (and not only our own individual lives, either); the mother Church cleaves to Christ, and he to her as a husband with a wife. The Song of Songs is full of promises for this all-encompassing relationship of life:

O flos campi et lilium convallium,
O rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys,
sicut lilium inter spinas,
As the lily among thorns,
sic amica mea inter filias.
so is my love among the daughters.
Tota pulchra es, amica mea,
Thou art all fair, my love;
et macula non est in te.
there is no spot in thee.
Vulnerasti cor meum, soror mea sponsa,
Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse;
vulnerasti cor meum in uno oculorum tuorum
thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes,
et in uno crine colli tui.
with one chain of thy neck.

Quam pulchræ sunt mammæ tuæ!
How beautiful are thy breasts!
pulchriora sunt ubera tua vino,
more beautiful are thy breasts than wine,
et odor unguentorum super omnia aromata.
and the smell of thine ointments than all spices!
Labia tua, sponsa, mel et lac sub lingua tua,
Thy lips, O my spouse, are honey and milk beneath thy tongue,
et odor vestimentorum tuorum sicut odor thuris.
and the smell of thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon.

Tota pulchra es, amica mea,
Thou art all fair, my love;
et macula non est in te.
there is no spot in thee.
Veni de Libano, columba mea;
Come with me from Lebanon, my dove;
veni, coronaberis.
come, thou shalt be crowned.

The Holy Spirit came upon them, and a crown of glory was set for the Queen.


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