Foolishly, Foolishly Waiting

I’ve tried to give a fair translation here of the golden oldie song 痴痴的等.

不知道是早晨 不知道是黃昏
看不到天上的雲 見不到街邊的燈
黑凄凄 陰沉沉 你讓我在這裡痴痴的等

I don’t know it’s early dawn;
 I don’t know it’s yellow dusk.
Can’t view the clouds up in the sky;
 Can’t see the lamps beside the street.
Bleak, Bleak, the black!
 Sinking, sinking, the dark!
You leave me right here
 Foolishly, foolishly waiting.

想的是你的愛 想的是你的吻
流不盡相思的淚 熬不完離別的恨
夢悠悠 昏沉沉 你讓我在這裡痴痴的等

What I long for is your love;
 What I long for is your kiss.
The tears of memory can’t drain dry;
 The hate of parting can’t boil down.
Long, long, the dream!
 Sinking, sinking, the dusk!
You leave me right here,
 Foolishly, foolishly waiting.

也曾聽到走近的足聲 撩起我多少興奮
也曾低呼你的名字 盼著你向我飛奔
看清楚掠過的影子 才知道是一個陌生的人

And once I heard footsteps near:
 How much excitement I stirred up!
And once I sighed your name low,
 As I looked for you to dart to me in flight.
Only when I clearly saw the passing shadow
 Did I know it was a stranger.

會不會你再來 要不要我再等
一遍遍我自己想 一聲聲我自己問
愛也深 恨也深 我還是在這裡痴痴的等

Will it be that you come again?
 Should it be that I wait again?
Time after time, I think alone;
 Voice after voice, I ask alone.
So love is deep,
 So also hate is deep.
Still I am right here,
 Foolishly, foolishly waiting.


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