Christ Sent to Conquer Israel’s Unbelief

If God really, really wants you to be a pastor and decides he’ll use you in that way, won’t he do so irresistably by convincing you, little by little, at every turn? And so on and so forth. At least, he can do so, and I think he sometimes does: how many people decide kicking and screaming to do what they’re convinced God wants them to do because God hasn’t been letting up?

If so, how is the election of men to salvation any different? Of course you must decide whether to have faith or to be faithless: that goes without saying. But God has the knowledge and the power to persuade you, and he has every right to use everything he knows about you to keep ‘trying’ until his will comes to fruition (how can God fail, and how can God be thwarted?), and he will not give up. No use thinking about this mechanically: God convinces you, or he doesn’t, and it has nothing to do with zapping.

Irresistable grace isn’t just about sovereignty, you know. Just as much as that, it’s about theodicy. The question concerns God’s faithfulness: is he the kind of God who gives up, or does he not care enough that men repent and eat of the Tree of Life? or instead will he, having elected some number of fallen Adam to be his people the Church (to which end the cosmos exists to realize), keep at it until sinners turn to him?

And I guess this is where the Cross is the theodicy we want if we parallel Israel with the human soul. Israel, who wrestles with God, is unfaithful time and time again; but God, being rich in mercy, having elected his Israel to glory, had no Plan B: the Father sends the Son, just as he’s always intended. This Christ is God’s elect. And really, this Israel and Christ thing was the more fundamental story in the first place.


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