Convinced Through the Fog

The Unknown God, to whom which major premises will lead? For perfect syllogisms tell us no truth, only the consistency of dictation. Hence existential choices and presuppositional apologetics. All is awash in a fog of jahiliyyah, and the Word himself, then, unless he overpowers us to recognize that it’s he that we hear – or rather, to choose that allegiance – is lost. If this is not insisted upon, Allah himself, his Logos, is lost: if he speaks, he must make himself heard, and he must make his Word effective.


But now, say the jahiliyyah is total depravity, whereby we’ve forgotten the forms. The Breath was, after all, breathed into us at the beginning, but then the fire left our hearts, and we were cold and dead. Then dayspring from on high: ICXC NIKA.

If God doesn’t fail to communicate, then he must conquer the darkness, which has not understood the Light. Did God try to say something? Postmodern thought meets Calvinism, maybe, somewhere in there.


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