The Flower Thereof Falleth

To exaggerate a little: I live to read things like Melody’s recent post on the popular depiction of sex and guns. It has important things to say against acceptance of sex as the all-defining centre of relationship and guns as the all-defining centre of badassness, and it says them without shame.

I sometimes say that 50% of life is acting. Is this reconcilable with real life? Does ‘acting’ (that is, drama and action) create real life? After all, it’s entirely consistent with Melody’s thought to say, with Gorgias, that speech (or song, or film, or graphic art) is ‘a powerful lord that with the smallest and most invisible body accomplishes most godlike works’. The power of rhetoric creates real actions, and real actions with strong rhetoric genuinely make reality.

Just a last touch before leaving. Photograph by ionushi on Flickr.

Sex must be most beautiful indeed, a true pinnacle of love, abiding where even our words fail. But there is nothing beautiful about bald sex, sex that men orphan and strip from its rich tapestry of affection, devotion, art, servanthood, poetry, promise, music, patience, faith, hope, love: such sex is a parody of itself, what an orc is to the glory of an elf, what a sinner is to the glory of the Christ. It does hold a certain greatness, a certain fascination, but only the tragic fascination of a dæmon that once was a cherub of the Most High, fallen into Milton’s pandæmonium. About guns I need not speak.

So Melody writes,

We were called into fellowship with the Lord most high and made in His image. We were meant to live in a community of the deepest kind of intimacy. We were meant to be set free from the heavy chains of sin. We were meant to love with a heart bleeding at the seams with [the] compassion for justice.

How far we have fallen.

Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth.


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