Heavenly Chancel

Look at the difference here between nave and chancel and call this chancel a ‘stage’ if you dare. Ah, but if we factor in the rood screen, and the people are corporately uninvolved in the what’s supposed to be the liturgy, maybe the chancel really is but a stage for the elevation of the host: in the Church of Rome, according to George Bull, ‘the priests say and do all; the people being left to gaze about, or to whisper one to another, or to look upon their private manuals of devotion, according as to their private inclination leads them.’

But look again at the stars. Do you call the heavenly throne and the train of YHWH’s robe a stage? God forbid! For not merely do we look, not only to our eyes behold a spectacle of the Cross, but we partake truly of Christ given to us his people.


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