Picturas Legunt Suis in Tumoribus

Look at those picture books. Who could resist? And who, upon seeing such beautiful books, could resist trying to create something with multiple levels of discourse? Even if you’ve read nothing about narrative metalepsis (not that I have, much, except for a little in Richard B. Hays’s The Conversion of the Imagination), there’s Inception. In this Old French spread above, clearly, the mis-en-page (page layout) suggests that the pictures are the body and the words on the top, the bottom and the sides are ancillary; each gives context to the other. There is, in turn, a note in the right margin outside of it all (depersarr[cut-off-at-the-edge-of-the-photo]).

All this just to hint at what I’m thinking about Twelfth Night. Now you’re really confused.


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