Which Department Is Greater?

Engineering and business management exist for the sake of the arts and humanities, because no one lives for the sake of efficiency.[1] We’re all just trying to make life beautiful. Since life is more than feeding and shitting and sleeping and having sex, the apex of human society is actualized not in efficiency but in beauty, in art and not in logistics: . The achievements of engineers and financiers and accountants afford us the resources, and thus the freedom, to develop civilization to new heights of cuisine, of poetry, of drama, of music, of painting, of sculpture.

Engineers, realizing the end for which their work exists, can respect the ones they serve; humanities majors, knowing their work rests on others’ efforts, can appreciate their support.[2] Who’s a producer and who’s a guardian? The Asian parents whose kids want to do something more artistic than ‘practical’ (although, in the end, what’s really practical?), shouldn’t they be happy to see their kids do the things for which they labour?

[1] Ha, I begin with an enthymeme. Except not, because I actually began with a picture of the Sainte-Chapelle. Gotcha!

[2] You know, harmony. Don’t give me that look.


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