Background Design

Made my first PowerPoint background last week for the pastor – he asked for a dark background, so I decided on greys and reddish hues to be simple. Here’s one version of the design, which isn’t what I finally gave him to use, but I have it set as my desktop background:

Jasmin says it looks postmodern, but I think the visual rhetoric has a logic. I mean, it’s not just play for the sake of coolness without concern for a rational order holding the thing together. But if this be postmodern, so be it.


2 responses to “Background Design

  1. Bro, I love it. Elegant and well laid out. Did you use a grid?


    • Thanks. I had fun, and I hope it serves the sermon series well.

      Most of the text stands on a baseline grid, but for placement on the x-axis I didn’t bother doing any algebra. The word bride I’ve eyeballed to be placed at about the golden ratio value horizontally. So I adhere loosely to some kind of grid, not rigorously to a fully-developed grid.


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