Fellowship with Romanists

The Arians condemned under Constantine.

I think I do welcome the prospect of Newman Hall joining Unity in Christ. To deny them membership without clear and rigorous principle, I think, would be both sectarian and bigoted. It’s my hope that, with the progress of dialogue and theological growth in the Holy Spirit, Rome will be reformed of its errors and impieties – including its claims of supremacy in the Holy Catholic Church – and its bishop take his honoured place as first among equals. I can be no more eloquent than the most excellent but most unjustly and viciously slandered Bishop Joseph Hall, who addressed the Synod of Dort with these words:

We are Christians. We are one body; let us be of one mind! By the awful name of God, by the gentle bosom of our common Mother, by your souls, and by the sacred bowels of Jesus Christ, our Saviour’s brethren, I entreat you, be at peace. So lay aside all prejudice and party feeling, that we may be happily united in the enjoyment of the common truth.

But for the rest of my thoughts, one may need to jump into Bishop Hall’s classic book, No peace with Rome: wherein is proved, that, as terms now stand, there can be no reconciliation of the reformed religion with the Romish: and that the Romanists are in all the fault (Google Books). O my Lord of Exeter, I wish you were with us today.


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