For Advent

Miserere nostri, Domine, miserere nostri.
Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us.

From Stile Antico’s liner notes: ‘Miserere nostri is an astoundingly ingenious canon. Most obvious is the canon between the two top voices (mentioned at the foot of page 1), which sing the same line throughout but half a bar apart. Meanwhile, however, a different and less audible canon is in progress between four of the five lower voices: all start singing the same melody at the same time but at four different speeds, two of them in inversion. By bar 6, the Second Bass has already sung the whole of the part assigned to the slowest singer, the First Bass. Amazingly, this fiendish process not only works but produces convincing harmonies which sound as if they are the very raison d’être of this understandably short piece. To enjoy them to the maximum, the music should be taken fairly slowly, so as not to skate over the passing dissonances.’

Our help is in the Name of YHWH. This Advent, both Protestants and Romanists in Berkeley call upon our only Saviour as we seek unity for the everlasting glory of the living God. The Unity in Christ vote on Newman Hall’s membership will be tomorrow.


2 responses to “For Advent

  1. y do u like using the term romanist? u don’t like being called catholic? or the definition “universal”?


    • As a classical Protestant, I consider myself a Catholic no less than the unreformed churches; to deny the catholicity of the reformed churches of Christendom is to indulge in schism. I hope, moreover, that the Papacy, recognizing its errors in doctrine and practice, will give up its claims of supremacy over the Church.


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