Laudibus in Sanctis

Laudibus in sanctis Dominum celebrate supremum:
Celebrate the Lord most high in holy praises:
Firmamenta sonent inclita facta Dei.
Let the firmament echo the glorious deeds of God.
Inclita facta Dei cantate, sacraque potentis
Sing ye the glorious deeds of God, and with holy voice
Voce potestatem saepe sonate manus.
Sound forth oft the power of his mighty hand.

Magnificum Domini cantet tuba martia nomen:
Let the warlike trumpet sing the great name of the Lord:
Pieria Domino concelebrate lira.
Celebrate the Lord with Pierian lyre.
Laude Dei resonent resonantia tympana summi,
Let resounding timbrels ring to the praise of the most-high God,
Alta sacri resonent organa laude Dei.
Lofty organs peal to the praise of the holy God.

Hunc arguta canant tenui psalteria corda,
Him let melodious psalteries sing with fine string,
Hunc agili laudet laeta chorea pede.
Him let joyful dance praise with nimble foot.
Concava divinas effundant cymbala laudes,
Let hollow cymbals pour forth divine praises,
Cymbala dulcisona laude repleta Dei.
Sweet-sounding cymbals filled with the praise of God.
Omne quod aethereis in mundo vescitur auris
Let everything in the world that feeds upon the air of heaven
Alleluia canat tempus in omne Deo.
Sing Alleluia to God for evermore.

Yesterday I saw that the Lord had seen fit to grant me 22 years from birth; because my age exceeds 21, I’m officially ‘old’. Thanks, Mom, for getting me the complete works of Thomas Tallis.


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