The Rest of Bach

In Sabbatarian observance, I hope eventually to listen to all the Bach cantatas proper to their feast days in the year, every week except the weeks for which cantatas are forbidden. Bach Cantatas, conducted by Sir John Eliot Gardiner:

Vol. 1: London;
Vol. 2;
Vol. 3: Tewkesbury/Mühlhausen;
Vol. 4;
Vol. 5: Rendsburg/Braunschweig;
Vol. 6: Köthen/Frankfurt;
Vol. 7: Ambronay/Bremen;
Vol. 8: Bremen/Santiago;
Vol. 9;
Vol. 10: Potsdam/Wittenberg;
Vol. 11;
Vol. 12;
Vol. 13;
Vol. 14;
Vol. 15: New York;
Vol. 16: New York;
Vol. 17;
Vol. 18;
Vol. 19: Greenwich/Romsey;
Vol. 20;
Vol. 21;
Vol. 22: Eisenach;
Vol. 23: Arnstadt/Echternach;
Vol. 24: Altenburg/Warwick;
Vol. 25: Dresden/Sherborne;
Vol. 26: Long Melford;
Vol. 27: Blythburgh/Kirkwall.

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