Ave Maria

Hoping that what follows, after any necessary edits, can be set to music to use in church, that reverence for the Church may be found among Protestants without the Tridentine additions of the Roman church:

Rejoice, O Mary, fill’d with favour,
 O Zion, chosen now
 By faith to bear a son:
The Lord is with thee, as the savour
 Of precious life regain’d,
 Salvation’s song to sing.
Blessed art thou among all women,
 Surpassing Egypt’s wealth
 By what the Lord hath done;
Blessed thy womb’s great fruit in heaven,
 In Eden set of old
 To be our holy King.

To God the Father laud and glory,
 And to his blessed Son,
And to the Holy Spirit, honour,
 Co-equal Three in One.

Much better than any Jesus-is-my-boyfriend material, if anyone can volunteer to set it to music that expresses a sense of mystery and reverence, the silence of Israel separated from Egypt by a pillar of fire.


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