Christ Rising Again

Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!

‘Christ rising again’, by William Byrd. Formally, the piece falls into two completely separate parts. The basic format is familiar to anyone who has ever attended an Anglican service: ‘verses’, as Byrd marks them, written for two solo sopranos, are set against ‘choruses’, in which all six voices fully take part.

Part 1:
(V) Christ rising again from the dead, now dieth not.
(C) Death from henceforth hath no pow’r upon him,
(V/C) for in that he died but once to put away sin,
(V) but in that he liveth unto God.
(C) And so likewise count yourselves dead unto sin,
(C/V/C) but living unto God, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Part 2:
(V/C) Christ is risen again, the first fruits of them that sleep,
(V/C) for seeing that by man came death,
(V) by man also cometh the resurrection of the dead.
(C) For as in Adam all men do die,
(V/C) so by Christ all men shall be restored to life.
(C) Amen.


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