Design and Language

Ideally, my work would straddle design and language,
as some of my academic research has done in the past.

Not intent, however, on one kind of work to the exclusion of others,
I can describe myself as both big-picture and detail-oriented:
whether in editing or in design,
I try to hold to exactingly precise standards.
Language usage matters to me,
but so do en dashes and optimal line lengths.
As typography and user interface have always been rhetorically significant
for texts and for digital applications,
I’ve long been interested in these things,
even typesetting Bible study passage handouts
the way I’ve typeset this statement,
breaking lines to separate units of rhythm and meaning.
Just as creative authors mould their language to their goals,
often slowing readers down with unusual language or distorted narrative
in order to provoke them
to think deeply and absorb the full force of the ideas presented,
the way this language appears on a page or on a screen
can also be turned to this end.
You could use a sharply honed set of language and design skills.


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