Evangelical Devotion in the Eucharist

Percy Dearmer, Loyalty to the Prayer Book (Oxford: A. R. Mowbray & Co., 1904), 17:

Surely, it is of paramount importance to restore the almost atrophied virtue of worship. The curse both of our religious and our secular life is that we do not worship Almighty God, that we are so largely hearers and not doers of the word, – hearers of sermons, hearers of ornate music; and consequently sluggish, without initiative, without devotion, without the fire of intimate love. It is, I venture to think, obvious that, to restore the genius of worship (once an instinct of our people), we must stick to the Bible and the Prayer Book, and thus restore the Eucharist – the great Evangelical Service – to its lawful place.

Who says formal liturgy is to dampen devotion and quench the Spirit?


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