Tea as Liturgy

History of the Culture of Tea in China and Japan:
East Asian Languages and Cultures 109 [4 units].

The course takes the traditions of tea in China and Japan as a way of viewing cultural similarities and differences between the two countries. It explores aesthetic, religious, and social aspects of China and Japan by showing how religion, philosophy, and the arts stimulated and were stimulated by the practice of the consumption of tea in social and ritualized contexts. Understanding the tea culture of these countries informs students of important and enduring aspects of both cultures, provides an opportunity to discuss the role of religion and art in social practice (and vice versa), provides a forum for cultural comparison and provides as well an example of the relationship between the two countries and Japanese methods of importing and naturalizing another country’s social practice.

It might be interesting to take this class and compare the effects of eucharistic liturgy. I continue to be surprised at the kinds of courses available at Cal.


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