Fragrance Impressions

Dior Homme (2005)
This one I’ve actually worn a few times, sometimes with a spritz from the airport; actually, I have it on me right this moment, sprayed on just before I left for church. More sophisticated than the trashy clichés you can find anywhere, it’s also something to melt into, sweet and powdery with a cocoa accord humming in the background. If I’m to have a signature scent, I think this is it.

Mitsouko (1919), by Guerlain
A unisex sublimity, elegantly and intelligently bittersweet. It’s hard to put my finger on this one. What is it? Longing in the Platonic forms.

Habit Rouge (1965), by Guerlain
Rich, warm, sensuous. I think I’ll like this one when I’m older, but only the deep of winter could warrant anything like this appearing on me.

Eau Sauvage (1966), by Dior
Tim Chen should wear this one: citrus with a darker, sexy undercurrent, as the name suggest. I may occasionally have my Eau Sauvage days, but this fragrance would really heighten Tim’s dark INTJ profile.

Vetiver (1956), by Guerlain
Interesting, but not anything I could put on. Someone more sensual might wear it, someone who can take all that smouldering, earthy muskiness into himself.

I have yet to smell Eau de Guerlain (1974) and Chanel Pour Monsieur (1955), but I read enough good things about them that I hope to smell them some time. Oh, and Pamplelune (1999), a grapefruit fragrance, smells really nice and happy.


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