Praying for Your Enemies

‘And thou, redoubtable prince, whom I once honoured as my king, and whom I still respect as the scourge of the Lord, thou also shalt have part in my good wishes. Those provinces which thou art threatening, but which the arm of the Lord upholds; those regions which thou art peopling with fugitives, but with fugitives whom charity animates; those walls which enclose a thousand martyrs whom thou hast made, but whom faith renders triumphant, shall resound still with blessings on thy behalf. May God make to drop the fatal bandage which hides the truth from thy sight! May God forget those rivers of blood with which thou hast covered the earth and which thy reign has seen spread abroad! May God blot out of His book the evils which thou hast done to us, and in recompensing those who have suffered them, pardon those who have caused them to be suffered. God grant that after having been for us, for the Church, the minister of His judgements, thou mayest be the dispenser of His graces, and the minister of His mercies!’

— Jacques Saurin, in a sermon preached at New Year, 1710


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