Come, Holy Ghost

Recently I found this reïmagining of ‘Veni Creator Spiritus’:

I could see this being sung immediately before a sermon in a prayer book service, whether after Morning Prayer or during Holy Communion.

Outside of Divine Service, it could also find much use in unofficial prayer meetings and the like. Perhaps charismatic revivalists can become more catholic in their self-identity and take in soundly biblical thought from elsewhere to address matters on which the charismatic tradition, because it hasn’t accepted the Spirit’s work through the centuries of Church history, lacks resources to call its own. I would be pleased to see some suspicion of innovative practices being discovered as part of the essence of the faith – how many of the Church fathers have characterized the sign charismata as essential to the faith? – because far too many Christians do their own thing and justify it by saying the Lord is doing a new thing. Yes, the Lord has also been doing this new thing since Pentecost, if you want to talk about new things and continuation of the apostolic Church.

Anyway, I’m not a cessationist, but I just hope charismatics can deepen their roots while non-charismatics can become more open to seeing a stable substance that sometimes looks refreshingly new as mission fields change and imagination adapts to these changes.


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