Know God in Nature

We are embodied creatures, and God reveals himself in Creation, which, though marred, is a living picture of him. Because of this, his perfect revelation also had the nature of a created being, a man, who being God embodied God perfectly as a perfect man. There is no sense, therefore, in trying to get to know God without the body. It is in our embodied life – our whole embodied life of discipleship – that the teaching of the word and sacraments comes to fruition, because we fulfil our reading by doing, and there is no human doing here without a body that reveals implicit faith in explicit works, underlying truth in external sights and sounds and touches and smells and tastes.

Otherwise, the ecclesiastical ministry is already the sum of all our sanctification. If so, the Church could already be called perfect, but we know this is not true as regards earth, even though the justified in Christ are perfect in heavenly eternity. But if one wishes not to know God, what can he do but love something else more? for he will always love something and honour it as highest and greatest. This is why, by necessity, all who believe in the Son of God seek in earthly works, materially, to know God on the path of this life, to know him as everywhere revealed, for he cannot transcend his humanity into an immaterial no-man’s land. Love everything good, for only thus, and not through lone speculation, will man love the Highest Good in the right way perfectly willed.


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