Pressed Upon

Now the bishops spread their
Legs to worldly power,
Gave their sheep unknowing
To the wolves. Almighty
God, behold thy servants.

Jerusalem and Lambeth were four years ago. The consumption continues, and blood coughs up.

I’m sorry if my verses are obscene,
But these are they that call for better days:
I show obscene what evil privy lays
Into the ground to blight all growings green.


3 responses to “Pressed Upon

  1. Interesting mixture of Ted Hughes and Gerard Manley Hopkins! Here is your gist, in medieval alliterative style:

    Bloodless bishops, begetters of lies,
    heartless harlots, heaven’s foes,
    shun their sheep, shepherds no longer,
    ofer hwaem se Halig haeth micel sorwe …

    Congratulations on a great blog … keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for your kind words.

      I like how you just code-switched away from modern English. I think, though, your first line technically has no alliterator in the second hemistich, because the stress in begetter begins with a g, not a b.


  2. Yowza! Busted, and by a noble hand! 🙂


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