More BCP Trial Revisions by Me

As I earlier revised the 1662 order for Morning Prayer, so I have done also for Evening Prayer and the Litany. See the combined document.


4 responses to “More BCP Trial Revisions by Me

  1. Keep it up!


  2. Are these “trial use” revisions approved by your bishop or some other church authority? If not, is there a purpose for their creation? I don’t intend these as accusatory questions; I am instead seeking to understand the intent behind revisions done by a solitary person.


    • Having moved quite recently, I have been attending Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County, so I have no bishop; I have, moreover, not yet been confirmed. Knowing there to be no churchly authority for my exercise, I have never represented it as having the approval of any bishop, though I hope it may, as an example of substantive but not revisionist revision, ultimately aid efforts to improve the BCP.

      I wish, first, to restore some of the strengths of the 1662 Prayer Book to the American context and avoid some of the pitfalls found in 1928 (the penitential sentences weakened and the U.S. President treated almost as a Christian king). There are, second, some small updates in wording that I think necessary (e.g. for ‘whosoever will be saved’). Finally, it was my goal to move the Daily Office in the direction of the ancient cathedral office, since the lectio currens of the monastic office ignores the particular characteristics of each psalm in favour of meditative read-through.

      The Rev. Michael Fry has similarly attempted a revised Daily Office lectionary, as has the Rev. William Klock.


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