Compete in the Education Market

‘The education of the poor was one of Horsley’s cherished causes. He dreaded the consequences of the increased circulation of radical literature among the lower orders, denouncing in his 1800 Charge “schools of Jacobinical religion and Jacobinical politics … in the shape and disguise of charity-schools and Sunday-schools, in which the minds of children of the very lowest orders are enlightened – that is to say, taught to despise religion and the laws and all subordination”. He responded to this, not by demanding an end to the schools, but by challenging the Church to act: “the proper antidote for the Jacobinical school, will be schools for the children of the same class under the management of the parochial clergy”.’

— E. A. Varley, The Last of the Prince Bishops: William Van Mildert and the High Church Movement of the Early Nineteenth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2002), 69


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