The Reign of Christ

O come, ye peoples of the earth,
come to the altar of the Lord.
Come by the blood of the Lamb,
once for all sacrificed and risen again.
Let all the nations worship him,
and bend their knees and hearts.

For he hath stretched forth his mighty hand,
and his heart hath he inclined,
and his ear given to his people’s prayers;
He that formed the earth and all heaven,
his hand hath shewn favour to us,
and the weak he hath tenderly regarded:

Come to me, all ye that labour,
and I shall refresh you;
Nurse at my breast, at this rock,
and I shall sustain you.

Sing his praises, ye mighty kings;
kiss the Son who made you his angels.
Burst forth with the joy of his righteousness,
with the equity of his sceptre of grace.
Lift up your head with voices clear,
and adorn his word with your harmony.

Dominion be to the King of kings,
to the Name above all names.
All glory be to the everlasting God:
to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost.


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