Easter Festivities

Joel wrote two years ago about reforming the Easter celebration. Below I add my suggested quasi-schedule.

Easter Vigil, Mattins, Holy Communion with candles, bells and the whole shebang.

Families break their fast at home by breaking and eating eggs whose shells have been dyed red.

Everyone sleeps in after a long night.

Roast lamb and wine, and more red eggs. Riddles are made about the work of God, and solved to make this work manifest.

Solemn Evensong in the late afternoon, with a solemn Te Deum at the end. Processions after church, with the singing of psalms and the shot of cannons – and, for the Chinese, lion dances. Bonfires of Judas Iscariot in effigy, and of sinful things (fetishes, pornography, immodest clothing, &c.), as psalms are heartily sung.

Lanterns and fireworks in the evening.


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