Power and Its Duty

In light of news that American soldiers have even raped boys in front of the boys’ mothers (see documents here), I feel compelled to say something about the duty of those who have the power to choose.

Where the Way does not prevail, the gentleman does not seek employment. Most of us, of course, the proletariat, are wanting in the means to choose our livings, and so the only moral duty appertaining to all is to avoid actual collusion (i.e. formal coöperation) with evil, which is unequivocally a sin. For those who have power, however, it is a duty to speak to the powers that be and not to seek employment with, or gain from, the tyranny of the ungodly. In a plebiscite, every vote is levelled; where there is distinction of privilege, noblesse oblige.

If we are drafted in the American armed forces, perhaps we must serve and can only refuse to take part in acts that take direct part in evil. To volunteer today, however, seems to me a positive breach of the Church’s duty.

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