Holyrood Abbey to the Glory of God

I wish Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh were restored.

‘The Ruins of Holyrood Chapel’, Louis Daguerre, 1824.

Containing a number of royal tombs, it would be a noble chapel for the Order of the Thistle, which could double as meeting place for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. From day to day, it could be a collegiate church where Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer were said daily in the Anglican tradition, with due diligence done to pray for Her Majesty and her government ministers and parliaments. Occasionally, perhaps, especially on 13 June, those in the chapel could instead read the services drawn up by Henry Scougal for the cathedral of Aberdeen; on some Saturday evenings, after Evensong, might be read the three parts of Scougal’s Life of God in the Soul of Man. In this way might the royal family gently lead the Scottish people toward faith in the true God, by promoting true religion in the midst of Edinburgh, near both the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Scottish Parliament Building. For there is still a God, and he still reigns in Edinburgh over the Queen and her Scottish people.


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