Assyrians Silenced by Western Media


Photograph: Steven Vidler/Eurasia Press/Corbis.

In all the moral outrage over the destruction of ancient Assyrian artifacts, I have rarely heard Assyrians speak. Instead, the folk who have spoken the most have been Western liberals. It seems to me a pathetic irony that this drowning out of Assyrian voices against the destruction of cultural artifacts important to the Assyrian people has effectively left Daesh (the self-styled ‘Islamic State’) the only close-to-native voice receiving much attention. There is one thing to conclude: the White Man’s Burden strikes again, and the Assyrians themselves have been silenced. For all its handwringing about imperialism and White guilt, the Western élite has only shown itself once again to pay little heed to the chief stakeholders, dominating the moral discourse in their stead. Let the moral voices of Iraqis and especially of the Assyrians speak for themselves.


2 responses to “Assyrians Silenced by Western Media

  1. Road to Servitude

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    In my opinion, the role of many media outlets as mouthpieces for US foreign policy is partly to blame for this neglect.


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