Dying You Shall Conquer


Fear not the one who kills the flesh,
But him who kills the spirit, fear:
That Satan will your souls enmesh
In dissipation’s darkness here.

In mud and darkness grope the fools
For earthly wine, to hide despair,
To hide the face of God, who rules
And will the flesh from spirit tear.

One alone, connecting heav’n and earth,
The kingly pole of all the stars
Who came to us by virgin birth,
To bear and glorify our scars,

Anointed is the King of all
Whom they rejected for their pride;
Those ravening upon him fall
But fail to take from his pierc’d side.

So drink his blood, and bleed the jewels
Of faith and witness; eat his flesh,
Conformed as holy martyrs’ souls
To him who will the heathen thresh.

For blessed is the mourners’ song
Desiring that the Lord may lay
His hand firm on the fighters long
Before the dazzling light of day.

Watch, then, at midnight, warring man,
For Christ’s salvation in the deep
Of darkest death. Softly the plan
Now rustles through the fire you keep.

Photograph by Joe Parks (CC BY-NC 2.0).


One response to “Dying You Shall Conquer

  1. Thank you.


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