Commentary on Falangism, Part I: Nation, Unity, Empire

1. We believe in the supreme reality of Spain. The urgent collective task of all Spaniards is to strengthen, elevate, and aggrandize the nation. All individual, group, or class interests must be subordinated without question to the accomplishment of this task.

We cannot pursue the principle of subsidiarity at the expense of the principle of solidarity. Whatever is good for the parts cannot be something that weakens the whole; for the loss of the body is no good for the body’s parts. Now, when nations have once been united and bound together for centuries, they are not easily pulled apart without great injury to all; it is not then a simple matter of one entity doing what is best for itself, for even the one that separates itself from the rest is deprived of something it needs, not to mention what it does to the others. Indeed, as embodied in the person of its king, a nation is one, and to refuse support to the legitimate imperium of the king, and to his care for the whole people, is to rebel against God’s anointed ruler. While our Lord Jesus Christ is in heaven reigning over the earth, present to the Church but invisible to the eyes, the kings he institutes are preëminently the images of his divine kingship. What these images represent, a faithful Christian must not attack, but instead must thereunto submit his own body for the good of the temporal body established by the providence and the power of God. To refuse the subordination of individual, group, or class interests is to reject the duty of charity.

2. Spain is an indivisible destiny in universal terms. Any conspiracy against this indivisible whole is repulsive. All separatism is a crime we shall not forgive. The prevailing Constitution, insofar as it encourages disintegration, offends against the indivisible nature of Spain’s destiny. We therefore demand its immediate repeal.

A nation, such as God has himself established in time, contingent though it is upon the providence of God, is not by the will of man to be put asunder, except by dispersal and exile at the hands of a foreign power. Though God saw fit to divide the nation of Israel, it is clear that such division was the result of sin, and that schism would have been bound up at last if both sides had turned from their sin and come back to the holiness of God; for then God would undoubtedly have united the two royal lines in the kingship of his son David. For his own purposes, of course, he delayed the completion of all things in order to glorify his only-begotten Son, that this Son and Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, might gather up all and rule as the only Davidic king to take up in his hand both Judæa and Samaria, and indeed the uttermost parts of the earth. This rule he continues to exercise from his throne in heaven until the ending of the world. Yet in our own times it is also his will to rule the peoples of the earth through kings who in his Name and in his Spirit are anointed for a time as he is anointed for ever. And so, on this smaller scale, subjects who try to separate nations by law and by kingly person united do sin gravely against the majesty of God, against which everlasting majesty they commit sacrilege when they commit sacrilege against that majesty’s present and living image. Conspiracy to disintegrate a nation’s indivisible whole is a crime that the magistrate in his public capacity is not entitled to forgive, but must with the full force of his imperium destroy, and its conspirators punish with extreme prejudice.

3. We are committed to Empire. We declare that Spain’s historical fulfillment is the Empire. We demand for Spain a prominent position in Europe. We shall not tolerate international isolation or foreign interference. Regarding the countries of Spanish America, our aim is the unification of culture, economic interests, and power. Spain claims that its role as the spiritual axis of the Spanish-speaking world entitles it to a position of preëminence in world affairs.

Likewise do I see the place of the British Empire in the world, which ought to be united in more than its coïncidence of a common head. We have its relics in the requirement that the several realms have the same monarch by law, and that changes to the laws of succession be ratified by the common consent of the whole, without which nothing can be altered. Today, the foreign interference of the European Union, a headless beast, is intolerable; neither is international isolation an acceptable position for a power whose current living and natural endowment compel it to take to the sea. And indeed, when the European Union interferes with the internal affairs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is an affront to the dignity of the United Kingdom’s sacred bond with its daughter nations, the other Commonwealth realms across the seas. The integrity of the Anglosphere, with ties of common culture and blood, and the sovereignty of the Queen, is not such as the European Union has the right to take away, nor is it such as the British Parliament has the right to give away.

4. Our armed forces – on land, at sea, and in the air – must be sufficiently strong and efficient to ensure at all times for Spain total independence and a world status that befits the nation. We shall give back to the land, sea, and air forces all the public dignity they merit, and we shall see to it that a similar martial outlook pervades the whole of Spanish life.

That a sovereign nation needs to be able to defend itself should go without saying. Military preparedness is essential to the life of the nation, for the expectation that no war can come is the surest way to suffer military defeat. It is therefore necessary that the people not only serve at arms but also have a sufficiently martial outlook to give dutifully to the successful prosecution of a war, not for the sake of aggression but for the sake of a proper defence.

5. Spain will look again to the sea routes for her glory and her wealth. Spain will aim to become a great seafaring power, for times of danger and for the sake of trade. We demand for the Fatherland equal status among navies and on the air routes.

Given Spain’s physical position, this desire is only natural. Both its security and its prosperity call for it to use the advantage and mitigate the disadvantage of its God-given place.


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