Vacuity, an Opportunity

T. S. Eliot, 1929, in The Criterion:

‘The Conservative Party has a great opportunity in the fact that within the memory of no living man under sixty, has it acknowledged any contact with intelligence. It has, what no other political party at present enjoys, a complete mental vacuum: a vacancy that might be filled with anything, even with something valuable.’

As someone moving constantly through circles of high Toryism, Christian democracy, and fascism, I wonder what opportunities today holds. The future belongs to him who can rule the world by turning over the palm of his hand. In other words, destiny belongs to Christ and whomever he has anointed. But power won by the inducement of vice will not stay long before it is overthrown by yet another power; what potency is there that has no moral potency? The bankrupt will be tossed out like a dog; but he who knows God will inherit the earth. Hosanna in excelsis.


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