Without Social Justice, False Nationalism

‘Among many people on the right, social justice has as little meaning as can be fit on a piece of confetti. They want to defend the nation but ultimately care very little for the people. They still do not understand that capitalism is intrinsically globalist, because it requires the abolition of borders (“laissez faire, laisser passer!”), and by reason of its propensity for boundlessness it cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing social relations or seeing national identities as so many obstacles to the expansion of the globalized market; that the anthropological model it holds (that of an individual based on the permanent maximization of his advantage) is as much at work in economic liberalism as it is in social liberalism, and that the axioms of interest and the machinery of profit are pillars of the dictatorship of mercantile values.’
— Alain de Benoist, tr. Eugène Montsalvat


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