Christianity is Traditional for a Chinaman


Some say we Chinamen ought simply to practise our traditional religion rather than converting to Christianity. They forget that Buddhism comes from India and that it has had little to do with the traditional religion. Rather than replacing the official cult of Heaven and the veneration of ancestors, it has added its own doctrines of karma, rebirth, and enlightenment. Few would now try, for perennialist reasons or otherwise, to dissuade the Chinese from being Buddhists.

But the Christian faith has been in China for well nigh 1500 years. Though it has never been favoured high above all other doctrines in China, it can be said to be a traditional Chinese religion. What remains is for the Christian faith to be indigenously and faithfully understood by the Chinese, and for us to reckon honestly and wisely with the worship of Heaven inherited from Noah and to bring it together with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world. Much remains to be done in political theology; but Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of Heaven, is risen today, alleluia.


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