From Distributism to Better Things

What took me away from distributism: too much wishful thinking and nothing significant about actually using force to protect national sovereignty. Concretely, there is overlap between distributism and national syndicalism, but the former seems to suit ultimately bourgeois fantasists who have little concern for geopolitical reality. The latter actually aims to defeat international capitalism and strengthen the place of the nation. Some will reckon that a weakness; I consider it a strength. There are alternatives to the usury-owned bourgeois managerial state, but I think distributism is not it. What force it lacks, national syndicalism has. So forgive me for not being a hobbit.

2 responses to “From Distributism to Better Things

  1. I just discovered your blog. I enjoy it so far!

    I appreciated the candor here, it adequately expressed by own constant unease with Distributism, but also Red(Blue) Toryism. It’s fantastical and oblivious to reality. But I have serious doubts about the nation, as a synthetic organizing principle, especially in cases like the United States. The definition of American character is arbitrary and reflects generational moods, rather than based in reality. Cowboy culture and rugged independence reflect the wistfulness of the Turn-of-the-Century when the “frontier” closed. While nationalism is still a surging mood, and really is powerful in the US, this seems toxic in the long run, even if it brings short term benefits. Especially within our own imperial context, it will be vicious.

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    • Hello, Cal; glad you’re enjoying my blog. In response to your doubts about nations as an organizing principle, I think the Westphalian nation-state is not the only way to organize nations. As far back as the times when the Bible was written, the Lord dealt with nations, peoples, ἔθνη; I believe he has not stopped doing so, even as concrete commonwealths and constitutions have changed shape through the years. To be sure, empire nationalism is less neat than narrower ethnonationalism, but nations will always be with us, as long as the nature of man endures.


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