Tang Code of Laws, in English


Half a year ago I found the Tang code of laws 唐律疏議 – that is, the Tang statute laws with their officially sanctioned commentary – but only in Chinese. But I have now also found a translation in English. Volume 1 treats of general principles; volume 2 treats of specific articles. At last, whenever I need to, I can cite the Tang code in English.


2 responses to “Tang Code of Laws, in English

  1. I have found following you on Twitter, and the beginnings of reading you here, to be quite interesting, but while I’m convinced that you have serious goals, I so far still struggle to understand what they are. Can you point me to a post, here or elsewhere, that would further educate me?

    (I say “further” because I’ve been struggling with the meaning/context of the -Bol suffix you often use and was getting ready to embarrass myself by asking, yet found the answer in your latest post here.)


    • Since your comment seems largely to be in the context of the NazBol post, is there a particular reason you left your comment here instead? For general NazBol and Nouvelle Droite texts, one place I’d point is the Niekisch Translation Project, run by Eugene Montsalvat; to get an idea of NazBol (or, more broadly, national revolutionary) goals, you may want to read this manifesto of the Institute for National Revolutionary Studies. By design, both sites do not give specific policy proposals, for two reasons. First, the shape of national revolution will vary quite a bit from place to place according to cultural differences in the expression of nature; second, national revolutionary movements by nature reject the paradigm of working within bourgeois parliamentary procedure, so any parliamentary action is a matter of strategy and not of the national revolutionary’s basic modus operandi.


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