Be Honest Now

Natalie Portman is not a 10. Some of these other women are also rather too high. So no, I don’t agree.

In a godly society, people would look better than they do. That they don’t is a sign of sickness.


2 responses to “Be Honest Now

  1. American obesity as a sign of heresy?!

    Anyway, I think its funny Taylor Swift is marked a 3. Knock her down a couple pegs.

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    • Obesity is a sign, if not of false teaching in the Church, then at least of society’s impiety. It is the wicked who, in reaction to unrealistic standards popular in the fashion industry, now indulge in teaching ‘body positivity’ as if God himself approves, along the same lines as they suppose him (if he is to matter at all) to approve of buggery. It’s all about love, because God is love. I am unable to express the depth of my contempt for such teachings.


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