US Air Strikes on Syria: Betrayal

President Bashar al-Assad

After the alleged use of chemical weapons in northern Syria by the Syrian army, and just a week after the Trump administration said that US diplomatic policy on Syria was no longer focused on making Bashar al-Assad leave power, Donald Trump says he has changed his mind on Mr Assad. So much for détente with Russia. Less than an hour ago, news broke that the US military had fired more than 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian targets near Homs, Syria. Mr Trump, I thought, might give us a few years of peace. The Deep State and those near Mr Trump have decided otherwise, and so, it seems, has Mr Trump himself. (These developments are in line, I should think, with Steve Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council’s principals committee.) The media have done it again, the benefit accruing to Daesh and the Israeli state. Mr Trump has betrayed us.


The Trump administration denies accidental incidents between US and Russian military forces in Syria.


6 responses to “US Air Strikes on Syria: Betrayal

  1. well damn, he’s not any different than hillary then is he? traitors like him will suffer a worse fate than evils like the clintons.

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  2. This is why we should never trust populists.


    • I never trusted Mr Trump in the first place, but I thought it might be possible to keep him responsible to someone who was not the GOPe neocons, by way of both support for his good decisions and criticism for his bad decisions. Unfortunately, many of his supporters are so invested in a cult of personality – because they have no genuine ideological commitments in the first place – that they boost him even when he makes wicked decisions, in the name of some bullshit about n-dimensional chess. (I here note that any n-dimensional chess is bullshit if a shrewd Chinese woman, naturally endowed for such things, cannot make sense of it.) And populism, of course, is always attended with dangers, not unknown to anyone with a modicum of reflection. Nevertheless, I think blaming demoticism simpliciter, a meme common among self-identified reactionaries, is not the right conclusion to draw from Mr Trump’s all-too-popular decision to bomb Mr Assad’s military facilities.

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