And They Have the Nerve to Call Chinese Food Weird

Image result for raw broccoli ranch

How is raw broccoli considered edible? It tastes fishy in the worst way possible, and it cannot be saved by ranch dip, of all things.

Below, on the other hand, is what the master race eats:

Image result for best dim sum

So do not speak to me of the ‘weird food’ eaten by the Chinese. When it was snack time and I was just beginning to speak English, raw broccoli was my introduction to the awful foods favoured by White Americans.

This Thursday ethnic shittalk post is brought to you by the letter L.


7 responses to “And They Have the Nerve to Call Chinese Food Weird

  1. Raw Broccoli is Rousseau’s legacy. If civilization is so terrible, why does the food taste so good?


    • Ooga-booga-ism is the legacy of Rousseau; illiteracy is the legacy of Plato. The taste of good food and the written historical records of civilization are but sensible objects, shadows in the Cave, taking you away from the reality of the Forms.


  2. A lot of Asians find Western food weird. I know people who are on a trip to a Western country but will only eat at a Chinese restaurant or other Asian places because they cannot eat anything they are not familiar with.

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  3. Oh, and I find the radish cake terrible 😛 the rest is good tho


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