The Lord Curse James Martin, SJ

For the Lord says of those who cause believers to stumble,

Thus, Yianni raises a fair point about the laxity of the Roman churches:

It would be entirely suitable for the Lord to show forth his justice unmistakably, that the wicked might tremble and fear to blaspheme against his ever blessed and holy Name.

I am quoting one of the Psalmist’s imprecatory psalms.

If that filthy Jesuit meets a bitter and cursed end, still dead in his sins and unwilling to repent, I myself will wash my feet in his blood. Don’t @ me about how hateful that is. The Psalmist said it first, not I.

Indeed, it befits a Christian to do so. Our Lord, who humbled himself to die the death of the Cross for the salvation of miserable sinners, is the God of both mercy and justice, of both forgiveness for repentant sinners and everlasting damnation for the wicked. The sword, when it comes justly, is not a thing to mourn but a thing to hail as showing forth the righteousness of God, a sign of the blessed Last Day when all things shall be set right in Christ.


2 responses to “The Lord Curse James Martin, SJ

  1. I’m not sure that’s the right way to understand the imprecatory Psalms, nor understanding them Christologically in the light of the crucified Lord. However, if the Lord punishes Martin, it’s in the same vein that the Lord punished Northern Israel, a nation that holds God’s people captive to a false regime. Rome is a harlot, and the Jesuits are the shock-troops of the anti-Christ, proving their valor in persecuting true Christians remaining within the Papal fold ( Jansenists). It’d make sense that the Jesuits, who helped to inoculate peoples (whether American Indians, Chinese, et al.) to the Gospel, would revealed their plagued origins with open advocates for sodomy.


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