Dissolution of Parliament

One wonders how often such a measure, to prævent treasonable dissension and ensure lawful stability – thus creating law where law might not be – would be of use. Those who are committed to the ideology of liberal democracy, of course, will probably be horrified at such a prospect. But I think it ought not to be ruled out; nor in these times, with the New World Order liberal system showing its fragility, is it wise to double down on ideas that have not stood the test of time.


4 responses to “Dissolution of Parliament

  1. This Papist was a hedonistic despot. Not sure if this reprobate’s suspension of government and accountability is a model we need to replicate. Abolished the more sober minded Puritanical standards in favor of a dozen (plus or minus) bastards.


    • What puritanical standards do you mean, and what bastards?


      • I’m late to this, but I think he’s referring to Charles patronage of the stage, which the Puritans banned as immoral, supporting the celebration of holidays, which the Puritans banned as anarchic and degrading public morals, and Charles allowance of a leisurely Sabbath, which the Puritans banned Sabbath sports and games to promote worship.

        Also, the Duke of Monmouth was the most famous bastard of Charles. He was reputed to have many lovers, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there were quite a few bastards (though 12 seems high).

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