Shaolin Seminary?

Imagine Wudang 武當 and Shaolin 少林, and Emei 峨眉 for the women, all being converted to the gospel and becoming Christian colleges and ascetic retreat centres where people study both the word of God and martial arts, making ready to do gospel work in China and the countries around it, whether as clerics or (on Mount Emei) as deaconesses. Perhaps, according to their long institutional histories, Wudang and Shaolin also develop distinct Christian theological schools of thought and ascetic traditions that both enliven the life of the Church. Yes, I do think Shaolin Seminary has a ring to it.


2 responses to “Shaolin Seminary?

  1. This literally is my dream. Like, this is it. Ever since I had my first experience with media that covered these I have thought things like this.

    I wish I could live to see the day that Christians create their own Chinese martial arts styles.

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