Allow Me Some Racism Against the West About COVID-19

All these frivolous White people botching COVID-19 responses. You basically need four things:

  1. a short draconian lockdown,
  2. provision for everyone to eat and pay rent,
  3. test-and-trace, and
  4. closing of borders.

If you do not do all four, your plan will harm many people for nothing. It’s all or nothing. Instead, the West does cycles of lockdowns that have no salutary effect and destroy the œconomy. Their governments, and their politics more generally, are a joke.

Taiwan has been free of domestic COVID-19 cases for more than 200 days. They have concerts again, and schools are open. But when they did lockdowns, violators were fined 1 million new Taiwan dollars. Contacts were traced in a population almost the size of Texas on an island the size of New Jersey. Borders were closed. It worked. Taiwan may politically be a joke in other ways, but in this area it did well.

In contrast, the US government has only wrecked the lives of ordinary citizens. A ‘stimulus package’ of a measly $600 per citizen is also freighted with other special allocations on top of the ordinary budget:

  1. $4 billion for Navy weapons procurement;
  2. $2 billion for Air Force missile procurement;
  3. $2 billion for the Space Force;
  4. $1.3 billion for Ægypt;
  5. $700 million for the war in Sudan;
  6. $453 million for US forces occupying the Ukrainian border;
  7. $500 million in ‘relief’ for the Zionist state (about $50 per Israeli).

330 million cheques of $600 each amounts to about $200 billion, and the bill will cost about $900 billion in all. The money spent on weapons and foreign ‘aid’ is on top of the $740 billion already allocated for the 2021 Pentagon budget.

The political process is discredited. These United States are not a serious state.


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