Sing ‘America the Beautiful’ in Church? Don’t Complain About Marian Songs

If your church is going to sing ‘America the Beautiful’ during worship, praising America and expressing a wish for a generic ‘God’ to bless that nation,

then don’t complain when other Christians sing theologically sound songs during worship that praise Mary the Mother of God for the part she had in bringing God’s salvation into the world through her womb:

By all means sing ‘America the Beautiful’ after church, but unlike the excellent British song ‘I Vow to Thee, My Country’ it does not have specifically Christian content that makes it suitable for Christian worship. I would be the last to discourage patriotic sentiment, but ‘America the Beautiful’ does not belong in the Lord’s sanctuary.

On this Lord’s Day and on every day when we worship the Lord, may the purity of the Lord’s sanctuary be kept, to the praise and glory of his holy Name.


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