‘National Conservatism’ II: The National Conservatism That Isn’t

I recently caught wind of some ‘national conservative’ conference, about which Brad Littlejohn seems rather excited:

I am distinctly less impressed. Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Peter Thiel, perhaps US chauvinists – particularly against nations DC wishes to subdue with sanctions, coups, and compradors – but none of them actual nationalists. And of the other speakers, what does Ayaan Hirsi Ali know of nationalism, a 2000s liberal who left her country and religion – indeed, legitimate religion altogether – for a distinctly antinational vision of the United States? (For comparison, see Degtyarov on Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.) What does Dave Rubin, an irreligious Koch-funded sodomite and classical liberal, know of conservatism?

Far from strengthening the foundations for the political place of traditional Christianity as such in America, such a speaker lineup seems designed to sap away at those foundations. Or if its speakers attack even traditional madhhabi Islam, rather than Salafi sectarian violence in particular, then perhaps they will wish also to attack the problematic conduct of Pharisees in Brooklyn and elsewhere. But no: these speakers serve that irreligious thing called The West™, so they could not possibly support the political supremacy in America of the historic Christian faith.

How is this national conservatism? They might as well bring on Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and the whole Turning Point USA crowd to OWN the liberals with FACTS and LOGIC. They’re free to have such a conference; just don’t call it national conservatism.

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